Monday, November 14, 2011

Feudal Project

Life in Feudal Times

Mira, Joe, Father, Mother, and the dog Chester, all lived on her families manor, the most beautiful manor in the world. Mira and her family were Lords, father got to tell the poor peasants and serfs what to do every day and exactly how to do it. The three fields next to the holy church and the Manor’s house were superbly re-stocked and were always rotated to make sure that the field produced only the best crops for the Lords and Ladies. Mira loved taking a walk near the water mill because it was so peaceful and was next to the prettiest lake in the manor, the big large wooden wheel would turn when the currents of water rushed passed it. Mother liked the mill because it made grinding up the wheat a little easier to crush.

One day, Mira was was walking near the serfs quarters, when an arrow land right near her foot! she screamed in terror while she ran to her fathers house. “Father!, Father! an arrow missed me by an inch!” Mira exclaimed. “ What?, call in my knights! I want this manor protected immediately!” he hollered, outside as the harvesters ran about plucking the children out of the way of the knights. Mira saw the squires quickly suit up the honorable knights. Mira didn't know what to do but cower in the corner and see the bloody battle. “what do I do?, I can’t stay here forever, those beasts’ will surely find me!”she thought. Just then a knight grabbed her by the arm and said, “ You must forgive me for my rudeness, but you need to find safety, immediately” Mira thanked the bloody knight and scoured the land for her family or any survivors she could find.

Mira saw her father being protected by the knights, her mother, brother, and the dog, Chester, were all accounted for. There were a few of her friends who died trying to protect her father. A half of the peasants and serfs were dead because of the unwelcome invaders. The invaders burned the church and the 3 fields as well. “ Mira, come here” Mother said, “ are you okay?”. “ Yes, Mother I am okay, what happened to our beautiful manor?” she whimpered. After the serfs buried the bodies of her friends, Father honored the knights who protected the manor. Joe and Mira sat silently while Father made the Squires into knights. She observed as the boy’s signed the code of Chivalry, now they had to demonstrate their respectfulness to women and show that they would protect their leaders and family members.

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