Monday, April 23, 2012

Fall of the Incan Empire Paragraph

                                                     Fall Of the Inca empire Paragraphs
      The Incans told other civilizations that if they didn't join with their empire that there would probably be a war between the 2 empires, the Incan's would probably win. When a new tribe joined with the Incan's they had to build a sun temple and could worship their gods but had to think that the Incan gods were superior. The Incan teachers would set up a village on the newly conquered land. Also, out of "respect" they took the sacred objects of the conquered people and took them back to the empire. If any of the people resisted, the Incan's would kill the emperor/ruler of the conquered civilization. In the 1530's the Incan's thought that they were ruling the whole entire world. Small pox killed many of the Incan's like the Aztecs. 

        A man named Francisco Pizarro and 160 other people came across the Incan's territory. The Incan's underestimated Pizarro and thought he wasn't a threat even though he kept coming back. He was friends with Hernan Cortez  and fought against the Mesoamerican for 30 years. Pizarro invited the Incan ruler to meet with him, the Incan leader only brought 5000 soldiers with no weapons. Pizarro told the ruler to give up his gods and the ruler laughed in his face, Pizarro attacked the 5000 soldiers and took the ruler hostage. The Incan ruler gave Pizarro lots of gold, but he still didn't let him go. The ruler was left in prison for plotting a rebellion, worshiping false gods, having to many wives and other crimes. The Incan civilization fell as a result of the rulers imprisonment.

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